Dark Disciples II


An epic role-playing adventure



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Dark Disciples II is a classic-style 2D RPG set in an epic fantasy world known as the Eastern Lands. You start the adventure locked inside a slave camp, which you'll have to escape from in order to start your real adventure.

In the beginning of Dark Disciples II, you have to create a new character, putting different points into the skills and abilities that you prefer. This means you don't have to choose a class per se, but instead will create it as you play.

Although you start the story locked inside a prison, you'll eventually visit a lot of different locations throughout the game (which can last for more than 20 hours): from the jungles of the Eastern Islands to the deserts in the South.

The combat system, as in almost all similar RPGs, is strictly turn-based. Your chance to hit or miss your opponent, and how much damage you inflict, is always determined by your stats and the equipment you have.

The inventory system in Dark Disciples II is also pretty traditional. You can kit yourself out with armors, weapons, talismans, and other objects. There are also potions, money, etc.

Dark Disciples II is a traditional RPG and although it doesn't have particularly striking graphics, its storyline and gameplay compensate for it.
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